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EMU8086 Input / Output Devices

Emulator Devices Features

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3.07 Version (january 2005).

Some of the Devices are VB designed and are included into the program pakage, others the students or the teachers can program according to easy instructions included.

Great solution for educational organizations and personal study as well ! Complete software emulation of Intel's 8086 microprocessor. Learn without risk of crashing your PC ! All in one ! Everything for learning assembly language in one pack!

I/O ports
Emulator does not reproduce any original I/O ports of IBM PC, instead it has virtual devices that can be accessed by IN/OUT instructions. You can use the included I/O accesories, made by yourself or buy from Saul Coval programmers.

I/O TEST included with program - Stepper included with program















Printer and Traffic Lights included with program.


Led Display made by Saul Coval and Led Display included with program





Custom I/O Devices: " Emu8086 " supports additional devices that can be created by 3rd party vendors. Device can be written in any language, such as: Visual Basic, VC++, Delphi.

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