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EMU8086 Assembler Emulator

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3.07 Version (january 2005).

Emulator Use Features

Assembler for Students and Beginners: Advanced Source Editor. Interactive disassembler. Step by step Tutorials. Visual Debugger. Works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, or XP.

Great solution for educational organizations and personal study as well ! Complete software emulation of Intel's 8086 microprocessor. Learn without risk of crashing your PC ! All in one ! Everything for learning assembly language in one pack!. This program is extremely helpful for those who just begin to study assembly language and for advanced students. It compiles the source code and executes it on emulator. 8086 Extended Value Viewer, during emulation of student program, changes possible at real time work.


Visual interface is very easy to work with. You can watch registers, flags and memory while your program executes. Arithmetic & Logical Unit shows the internal work of the Central Processor Unit (CPU).

Assembler for Students and Beginners! Advanced Source Editor. Learn without risk of crashing your PC! ALL IN ONE. Easy help screens with tehory for all levels.

I/O ports
Emulator does not reproduce any original I/O ports of IBM PC, instead it has virtual devices that can be accessed by IN/OUT and INT## instructions.

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